Small-town family business. Big dreams.

David Odum

David Odum


Hi, I’m David.¬†With over seven years in the computer repair and wireless internet service provider industries, I would love to use what I have learned to serve you. Please do not hesitate to give me a call about whatever question you may have.

Rachel Odum

Rachel Odum


I have zero years of experience working with computers, unless you count using a word document and pressing the web browser icon to get online. However, I do enjoy interacting with David’s customers and look forward to meeting you in person. I also write fiction for middle graders, and am a full time mom of two little girls.

Author Site: http://rmichalodum.com

Computer Paramedic

505 N Creek St, Holdenville, OK 74848

Currently Computer Paramedic is a family business in more than one sense of the word. We run it in our home. Please call before coming to ensure that someone is there.

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