Computer Repair Sevices

Tap any of the services to see details and pricing. If something is not covered here, chances are we still offer it. Contact us for details.

On-site Travel Fees

Ada, OK$60
Allen, OK$45
Atwood, OK$20
Bearden, OK$30
Calvin, OK$25
Cromwell, OK$30
Holdenville, OK$10
Holdenville, OK Rural$10
Horntown, OK$15
Lamar, OK$30
Okemah, OK$40
Pauls Valley, OK$100
Seminole, OK$30
Spaulding, OK$20
Wetumka, OK$30
Wewoka, OK$20
Wynnewood, OK$100
Yeager, OK$20
Custom Computers and Upgrades
Do you want a custom Photoshop computer? Several computers for an office upgrade? Or maybe you would simply rather pay someone local to build your computer rather than Dell or HP. Contact us with what you want and we can get back to you with a price.
Computer Setup - Hardware

One PC or Mac system is set up, including the computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, and internet connection. A printer or other external device may be set up. Up to two desired software applications may be installed. Cables and wires tidied.



$80  |  on-site

Computer Setup - Software

Windows and essential program updates are performed, security software is set up, unwanted trial programs and bloatware is removed, applicable user accounts are created, and up to two requested programs are installed (cost of programs not included).



$60  |  drop-off
$90  |  house call

Computer Tuneup

This service includes virus and malware scan(s), hard drive and RAM testing, Windows, antivirus, and essential program updates, general optimization, drive clean-up, web browser optimization.



Drive and RAM testing not performed for on-site calls and updates may only be partial.


$99  |  drop-off
$119 | on-site

Data Recovery

Recovery of lost files because of deletion, formatting, or a failing drive is performed. Overwritten files may only be partially recovered.



$150  |  regular recovery
$250  |  regular + overwritten files

Hardware Installation

Installation of one internal component or external peripheral, including but not limited to printer, hard drive, wireless card, or any number of memory modules for one computer.



$45  |  drop-off
$65  |  house call

$25  |  each additional component

Hardware Repair
Just about any repair can be performed, including but not limited to the diagnosis and replacement of the CPU, motherboard, power supply, and/or RAM. Or perhaps a laptop is overheating and needs the dust removed from its heatsink. Price varies based on cost of parts and intensity of labor. Please contact us for a quote.
Operating System Installation

One operating system is installed (cost of operating system not included; if needed, call for purchasing options). Drivers and Windows updates are installed. Security software is installed. Up to two additional pieces of software are installed.



$90  |  drop-off
$120  |  with backup and restore
$180  |  house call

Screen Repair
Broken screens on laptops, tablets, and phones can be repaired, but the price varies based on the device. Please contact us with the device make and model for a quote.
Virus & Malware Removal

Malware is removed, hard drive is checked, Windows and essential programs are updated, security software is verified to be sufficient and in working order.


$119  |  drop-off
$169  |  house call

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