Yes, I know it’s not the ’90’s anymore, but some of us still work at a computer full time and like to be inspired.

For this post one of my main priorities was purity. As a Christian I am often uncomfortable with the ungodly images that can bombard one on the internet, and especially on image sites. The following sites contain high quality images which are generally inoffensive.



Screenshot of website.


Pixabay is a free image repository where you can often find high-quality images. While it is not a wallpaper site specifically, one could use it as such.

While it can have offensive images, the great thing is that you can simply search for something specific, such as Bible, Christian, or Christian cross.

To download full-resolution images you must register first.


3. Social Wallpapering

Screenshot of Social Wallpapering website. is a site that I have used before. Many of the images are good quality and I don’t remember being bothered much while searching around. Perhaps that is because they have a way to flag offensive content.


2. InterfaceLIFT

Screenshot of website. has beautiful images to choose from. My favorite feature of this site is the ability to sort by rating so you can see the ones voted best right off the bat.


1. Bing Desktop

Screenshot of Bing search page.


Bing Desktop is an app that starts with Windows and automatically changes your desktop image.. (*Gasp* a computer tech that is recommending adding something to your startup? Shocking, I know.)

Actually, I use it myself. I have long been an admirer of Bing’s images. They are one of the main reasons I started using the search engine. This way, I get the daily Bing search image as my desktop wallpaper. I don’t remember ever being uncomfortable with any of them.

Thanks for reading! If you have any sites of your own that you would like to share, do so in the comments.

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